This blog is truly dedicated to collecting. Im 28 years old an in all these years i collected all kind of things. It all started when i was about 7 years old, my father took me to a car dealer on an exhibition day. It is common in Germany that when a new model is released, the car dealers do a little exhibition to introduce the new car and give away some small gifts.

At that car dealership, the owner showed me his collection of car pins and needels, it really impressed me and he gave me a piece of cloth and my first pins. Back in the days, without the internet, it was kind of hard to find other collectors or new pins. Since that day me and my father visited every exhibition, trade fair or company anniversary and all kind of promotion events near my hometown, just to get some new pins.

Sometimes we drove for hours to the Cebit in Hannover or even longer to the IAA in Frankfurt, just for trading and seeing pins. It was a very good time and i have to thank my father for spending all the time with me and teaching me stuff that you do not learn at school and how to get want you want for free.

When i stopped collecting i had about 2000 pins, pretty much for a kid which started with less than 30.

Not yet a teenager i also had a beer collction with more than 70 different beerbrands from all over Europe, but due to having not enough space i quitted collecting beer bottles very quick. The short obsession for beer started after i saw a beer museum in Denmark, which showed over 5000 diffrent bottles. Just like the bottles in the museum my bottles were still sealed aswell, but when i was young i did not like beer and my parents trusted me.

14 years old i stopped collecting any stuff, i had other things on my mind. Ten years later the addiction started again…

I played basketball half of my life and as a true baller, you always have an obsession for the one and only brand: Air Jordan. I started buying shoes online and later i found all kinds of online forums for the so called sneakerheads. In these forums the users discuss, sell and trade shoes. But compared to the late eigthies and early nineties collecting Jordans was not that kind of an adventure and nothing special, you just sit on your couch and buy them – thats it – You just need money and that is not what collecting is about – from my point of view.

After reaching 40 pairs this year, i started to sell most of them and said to myself „no more shoes“ .Although it was very funny to wear a different pair everyday and the confusion in the faces of the people when you tell them that you collect shoes, because it is a female trait. There are not many men on earth who own more shoes than their wife…

But with quitting the shoe game my life as a collector did not end. It is a kind of addiction to collect something, even more if you are not a good hunter ( a drill sergant told me ), you should at least play in the gatherers team.

In 2010 while wakling through a retailstore i discovered a special bottle of Hennessy VS – bought it – sold it on ebay with a small plus – got addicted again…

This blog is dedicated for Hennessy, Remy Martin, Absolut and all other liquor collectors, but mostly Cognac. This blog is different from all other Cognac or liquor blogs: I only post the bottles i really own and try to provide the best and exact information about these sepcial bottles. Looking at other blogs… they always tell you about new and expensive releases, but they all use the same official pictures and have mostly the same text or infos.

It is very easy to report about new releases if you only copy and paste and most important if the editor does not have to buy the luxurious bottles himself and therefore i think it is not authentic. Everybody can run a luxury blog, reporting fancy things and set yourself i glamorous lifetstyle, you just need a computer and no money…

I try to post something at least onec a week and i would be very happy if you guys do a lot of commenting on everything i post!


sophisticated collector


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