Hennessy VS collector´s edition no. 1 – Europe

This is one of the first bottles from my collection. It was sold by a regular local retailshop.
It was released in spring 2010 and only sold in Europe. The retailprice was 27 Euros in stores and 35 Euros at onlinestores. It is sold out now by the way. The collector´s edition no. 1 was designed by the female English artist/designer Kesh and David Burrows an contemporary artist also from the UK.

So far i havent seen the second edition but it is said that Hennessy will release a new edition every year.

Compared to US releases this bottle is made in a bit high order way.

The US editions are mostly numbered – this one ain´t.

The US editions are made with regular white glass – this one is made with brown glas.

The European edt. has no papertag on the front, the label and the decoration is printed, like the old Coca Cola bottles sold in the 80s. On the bottle´s back is a papertag but its framed with a high value print as well.

Summed up shortly: This edition is created with much more love than oversee releases.

The only negative thing about this edition is that the cork is made out of plastic, not natural cork.

If you have been lucky enough to purchase a bottle you should check the back of the bottle, on the tag is a code for the website Awdio.com…

I would be happy if you could provide more information about this Hennessy release, please do not hesitate to comment.

UPDATE 13/09/2011: Current value is 120 US Dollars (Retail was 45 US Dollars)

If you like to buy a bottle please contact me.


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