Hennessy Fine de Cognac white label gift box set 2010

Honestly, i would not have bought this bottle if i have not seen the auctions on ebay.com. Some guy sells this and the regular orange label edt. For 160 US Dollar. This price is ridiculous and a complete rip off. The retail price for the white labeled gift box set is 41 Euros and for the orange one 37 Euros in Germany.

The Hennessy Fine de Cognac white label gift box set was released in 2010 and ment to be sold for the Christmas season. It is still available in some stores.
Although I thought it might be a limited edition, it seems that the white label is the new look for Hennessy´s Fine de Cognac, if you check the official Hennessy website you will notice that the bottle shown there has the white instead the orange label.

But it will take a few years before the orange label with DVD, Stopper or simple sets will be sold out completely, so please do not pay more than 80 US Dollar dear friends.

The white gift box set is quiet beautiful though, the bottle is dressed with a white label, a white instead of golden stopper and of course the great taste. Fine de Cognac is my favorite Cognac from Hennessy by the way. I only had VS, XO and Fine de Cognac so far. Hennessy Black also, but only with sodas and stuff because it does not taste that good without something sweet.

Anyway the gift box has a really nice design, made out of white cardboard with an orange rubber band to keep it closed. The box has an open “window” in the shape of the bottle. Golden print rounds the whole thing up. Just check my pictures.

When you look inside the box you will find a small leaflet with some simple cocktail recipes…

I think it is a great gift for a fair price. If you like to get a bottle or have some additional information please leave a comment.


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