Hennessy XO Magnificence

The Hennessy XO Magnificence was released in 2008 and started off the XO collection line and since then 5 bottles should have been released. In fact i only found 4 so far : Opus 140th year Anniversary, Magnificence, Iridescence and Odyssey. I do not know the name of the 2010 edition, i let you know when i do.

Anyway this seems to be the ugly duckling edition because it is not mentioned on Hennessy´s official homepage. But when you open the beautiful box, smelling like upper deck trading cards, you see the sparkling swan or in this case, the decanter.

It is a 700ml decanter encrusted with golden crystals, altough not mentioned i guess they come from the famous Swarovski brand. The crystals on the 2009 edition are from Swarovski…

The bottle ( my bad „decanter“ ) really looks nice as you can see on my pictures. They are numbered aswell but without letting the owner know how many brothers the bottle got. Mine is number 9000soemthing of a unknwon number, i think 10.000. About 100 have been released in 2008 in Singapur.

The retailprice in Germany was 160 Euros, in France 175 Euros and the lucky Slowenians only had to pay about 136 Euro. I got some for sale if your interested by the way, but not for 160…

The box looks like all other limited XO boxes, painted in brown with gold print. Looks quite simple but at the same time precious. All limited edition boxes normaly look similar from the outside by the way, the „interior“ design is different though.

I keep you updated when i get additional infos.


Name: Hennessy XO Magnificene

Year: 2008

Price: about 170 Euro on releaseday

Quantity: unknown


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