Hennessy Pure White

Honestly Hennessy´s pure white Cognac ain`t special at all. But after i have seen how much money people in the States and Germany spend for those bottles i decided to get me some. Before i describe the look of this bottle i let you know the story of this Cognac.

First of all the pure white was an absolut failure, a marketing flop that nobody wanted. Hennessy stopped the production a few years ago. I think that is the reason why everybody wants them so bad nowadays
It was created to get new young customers, but they do not like the strong taste of Cognac. Therefore Hennessy decided to create a smoother blend that introduces the next generation to Cognac.
Similar to the Hennessy Black, Pure White was designed for mixing, with Coke or in a cocktail.
The only problem was, that it was to expensive, why should young people spend 20 € for a mixing liquor if they can get the same for 10 €? ( Competition was Jim Beam etc.)

Since it was to expensive for the young ones and to soft for the old ones, most of the bottles stayed in the stores for a long time and after a pretty short time Hennessy started to stop the production.
By the way only 3 % of the worlds Cognac production is consumed in its orgin country. 97 % is exported out of France. Cognac sounds good but is not popular in France.

Now it is 2011 and the Pure White is kind of rare. Douchbags on facebook always talk that they love their Hennessy Pure White and that it is the best, you can read it on Hennessy´s fanpage. These people have no clue, Hennessy Pure White was a flop…

Enough with the hating, let’s get to the bootle. Since i do not like this one at all, i just let you know the facts:

– no cork

– white glas with a embossed grape

– was available in 70 cl and 5 cl

– the colour is very light for a Cognac


Release: Around 2000 but not produced anymore

Retailprice: was 25 € – worth in 2011 is 65 € ( add 5 € per year from now on )

Limitation: None – Failed retailproduct

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