Hennessy VS KAWS regular and limited French Colette Edt.

Back again, sorry but i do not have much time left for posting, but i like to share my latest purchase with you. Hopefully I can post my other ones until the end of the year. Okay, so what do we got here? Hennessy x KAWS edt. it is nothing special. I thought it was, but it is available everywhere. Dear visitors let me give you an advice, you can drink the bottle. The value of the regular KAWS edt will not increase. 420.000 bottles is not that much, but the they are sold worldwide.

Therefore every collector on this planet already got his bottle. If it was sold exclusive in the states you might have made a easy buck, but it is sold in Europe as well…

I was dumb enough to buy some in the states, not knowing that they will be sold in Germany also. In total I paid 65 Euros ( retail + shipping + custom fees). I could try to sell them on ebay Germany because they have not appeared there yet, but I think I will sip on one on new years eve.

Anyway retail price for this one is between 28 Euros and 45 Euros. Price won´t change for the next 10 years. Bad investment.

Here is the good investment:

The Hennessy VS x KAWS x Colette edt. Colette is a premium online shop for unnecessary things, I love it though. I saw this bottle and ordered one ( only one per costumer and address) and I was happy that I really got one.

It was shipped in France and the shipment cost almost as much as the bottle.

It features the same Kaws designs in the trademark colette blue and it is limited to 213 bottles, the house number of the store, located on the Rue Saint Honore in Paris.
I copied this text from the all the sucker blogs…

Im really happy to own one of the 213, sounds better than 3 of 420000.
One big difference to the regular KAWS is not metioned on all the hype blogs. Like most of the liquor bottles in Europe the blue collette Hennessy bottle has 700 ml volume. The US edt. has 750 ml-

Enjoy the pictures!

Like everything on this blog, this bottle is up for sale…


Regular KAWS
Release: September 2011
Retail: about 39 US Dollars / 40 Euros
Quantity: 420000

Collette KAWS
Release: November 21st 2011
Retail: 50 Euros
Quantity: 213


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