How do i store my Cognac right? Dos and Dont´s

Whatever you store or collect, if it should last long, you should know how to store your items right.
I asked around and wrote some mails to find out how to store Cognac until the day you finish the bottle with your loved ones.

Most important thing is that you DO NOT store your bottle of Cognac like Wine.

Always keep it UPRIGHT. If you do not, the cork will affect the taste of the Cognac.

Another fact that i did not know, that the ageing process stops immediately after the Cognac leaves the wodden casks.if you did well the 2012 vintage liquor will taste the same in 2032…

I suggest that you should keep your upright bottle in dark place with no direct sunshine. Maybe you store them in a cupboard.

Upright, dark, two very important rules you should always be aware of.

The next important fact is, that you keep your precious bottles at room temperature. avoid extreme changes of the temperature, extreme heat and cold will influence the taste of the Cognac years later. My solution for this problem is that i keep my bottles in my bedroom, that is the only place at my flat, were the room temperature is most likely the same all year long…

If you open a long stored bottle on a special occasion , be sure that the cork is intact, if not be careful because it might break into small chunks.

Your grandchildren will profit and thank you if you kept your bottles in a perfect condition over the decades .

The bottles i posted so far are collector´s items, but most likely because of the design of the bottle, not its contents. You should always keep an eye out for vintage Cognac from small independent distilleries.

By the way Cognac, Armagnac, Brandy, Weinbrand etc are all the same, only the region were the grapes have been harvested gives the spirit its name.

Fortunately enough Cognac is not that popular like whisky, so there are not that many bootlegs and fake bottles on the market so far. To keep it like that, please do not sell your empty bottles, keep them or recycle so that organized crime cannot use them to sell bootlegs.

Thank you for your visiting my blog.

Never drink responsible, drink with passion.


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