Remy Martin VSOP Cognac Urban Lights 2011 limited edition remy martin vsop urban lights 2011

I got it for cheap – That was a line printed on a shirt that i have seen one day some time ago.

And this is exactly the point when it comes to Cognac.

I just got the Remy Martin VSOP urban lights edition. This is a limited release in two different sizes 1 Liter and 0,7 Liter. On the picture you can see the 0,7 liter bottle.

Compared to other Cognac houses, the limited editions released by Remy Martin VSOP really look cheap and I do not like them that much, but I have to own them anyways. The collector editions from Remy Martin only look good on the promotion pictures… remy martin vsop urban lights 2011

The regular shaped bottle has just a plastic cover with the limited edition print, from my point of view the normal bottle looks way better than the exclusive edition. As I said that is my personal point of view.

I browsed around the web and found some nice promotion websites. Remy launched a website looking like a night club and before you could enter it, you have to tell the bouncer the password to get the chance to win a trip.

Since I do not like and i do not promote facebook I was not willing to enter the site.

Anyway check out the pictures I took. DO YOU SEE A DIFFERENCE TO THE OFFICIAL PICTURE?

I have read that the cover reacts to black light, I´m going to check it tonight and will ad an additional picture, if it does.

Update: The effect of the black light is not even worth to mention…

Although this is a limited release I found no numbers so far, but since it is not that beautiful, its not that important to me.

Remy Martin VSOP Urban Lights
Release: 2011
Retailprice: 35,00 Euro
Quantity: unknown
Value: 50,00 € ( ad 2,50 € for each year since its release)


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