Hennessy Fine de Cognac limited collector´s edition from 2009 with DVD mixing refined

Hennessy Fine de Cognac mixing refined DVD series 2009 thesophisticatedcollector.wordpress.com

I bought this edition 3 weeks ago in a retailstore in my hometown. You might recognize on the picture below, that something is missing:

THE DVD! Damn, just found out today when i took the pictures. I just bought one for 3 Euros…

Now, lets try to get serious:

The Hennessy Fine de Cognac mixing refined DVD edition was released in 2009. In some stores who do not sell that much Cognac you can still find them, no need to buy the bottles online and pay shippingcosts.

If you live outside of Germany, well, sorry but i guess your local liqeur store do not have these anymore. I discovered that the website from the great house of Hennessy varies depending from the country you visit it. On the German website you can watch the mixing refined DVD as a stream. Actually it is a DVD that shows you how to create nice Cocktails with Hennessy Fine de Cognac.

It´s my favorite Cognac from Hennessy so far, a pretty femin one. Im going to show my favorite from Remy Martin in a few days by the way.

The box looks almost exactly like the regular edition. Only the disc and red writing tells you that it is a limited edition. Although it is not really limited compared to the 2008 edition.

The Bottle is dressed in the orange label and contains 0,7. To make sure that your set is complete here is a list:

Bottle 0,7 liter (orange label)
Black paper tag without print
The DVD in a cardboard sheet (missing on the picture)

I do not like this one that much, but if you collect something you should be sure to have at least two of every kind.

Thank you for drinking.


Hennessy Fine de Cognac collectors edition mixing refined DVD series 2009 thesophisticatedcollector.wordpress.com


Hennessy Fine de Cognac limited edition from 2009 with DVD
Release: 2009
Retailprice: 35,00 Euro
Quantity: unknown ( to much )
Value: 40,00 Euro ( and ad 1 € for each year since 2012)


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