The (in) complete Hennessy XO Cognac limited edition series 2008 until 2012

Ladies and gentlemen i am deeply sorry for not updating my blog on a day to day basis, but i am quiet busy.

Anyway enjoy this glimpse of my collection:

Just one missing

@thebronfmann Hennessy XO Limited Edition 2008 – 2012

From left to right:

2008 Hennessy Magnificience

2009 The lost bottle

2010 Hennessy Opus

2011 Hennessy Odyessey

2012 Hennessy V

The decanters all have a volume of 700 ml, in about two years i will ad the Berluti one. As you can see a regular bottle sneaked its way in, just because i have not yet found the 2009 edition.

A complete review of the Odessey and the V will come sooon, hopefully.

If you need anything let me know.


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