My miniature liquor bottle collection Part 2 of 1000

Part 2, i don´t think that i ever be able to post them all…

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Cezar VINJAK from a country that does not exist anymore 100ml 70´s

Various Lilli Marlene German Sex themed 50ml from the 70´s

Various Killerbee German Sex themed 50ml 70´s

Jägermeister 50ml 70´s

Various Zipfelstürmer German Sex themed 20ml 70´s

Martini Rose 100ml 70´s

Glenfiddich was 50ml in the 70 or 80´s

Various Wilde Kröte German Sex themed 20ml from the 70´s

Pernod was 50ml in the 70 or 80´s

Campari was 50ml in the 90´s

Campari 50ml 70´s

Various Busengrapscher ( a guy which touches women´s breats without permission) German Sex themed 20ml very 70´s

Metaxa 5 Star 50ml 70´s

Various Schlüpferstürmer German Sex themed 20ml from the 70´s

Various Flotter Rammler German Sex themed 20ml from the 80´s

Malibu 50ml 70 or 80´s

Various Ravensberger Apfel 40ml 80´s or older

Johnnie Walker Red Label was 50ml in 1986

Kahula 30ml 70´s

Various Americano from Itlay 80´s

Vecchia Romanga Brandy 30ml 80´s

Old Krow Bourbon Whisky 100ml 70´s

Jim Beam 50ml 70 or 80´s (dutch duty free )

Seagram 100 Pipers Scotch Whisky 50ml 70´s

Ballantines imported by Bols 40ml from the 60/70´s ( thats a 30 Euro one )

Lufthansa Cocktail 40ml 70´s

Queen Anne Scotch Whiskey 50ml 70´s


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