Hennessy Very Special Cognac KAWS Edition 1 Liter ( 100cl / 1000ml )

Good morning,

my first post for today.

Many do not know that the KAWS edition is also available in a 1 Liter version.

General information about the KAWS edition is given here : My post from back in the days

The Hennessy KAWS 1 liter edition is not that easy to find and it cost a lot more than the regular one sold online and in the states.

I will not let you guys know where to get all the editions anymore…

Some did not believe that this edition exists, i hope that this post is proof enough.

Enjoy the pictures.


750 ml and 1000ml

Hennessy KAWS 100cl
Release: February 2012
Retail: none
Quantity: 210000
Estimated value: 80,00 Euro ( 2012 )


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