Jimmy Hennessy Cognac – In adventures lies the truth


I love to introduce the Jimmy Hennessy Cognac to you my dear readers.

This Cognac seems to be a little bit harder to find than the average Hennessy products. Nether the less i got one and i actually like to sell it.

Anyway the Jimmy Hennessy was released in 1999 and that is where my info ends.

The Jimmy Hennessy looked like a bootleg to me first, but after browsing the web i made sure that it is something official.

Pretty unique compared to other Cognacs is that the Jimmy has 42 % and not 40 or 43% that most Cognacs have.


The bottle looks like an American Whisky bottle and not like the decanters we are used to.

In adventures lies truth is written all over the bottle. I guess the adventure was to attract some whiskylovers. i guess it didn´t work because there is almost nothing to find on the web and therefore i seemed to be flop, when it comes to sales.

Please enjoy the pictures and ad me to your favorites.


Release 1999
Quantity unknown
Retail: unknown
Value: 160,00 € (ad 15 € per anno )


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