This blog is dedicated for Hennessy, Remy Martin, Absolut and all other liquor collectors, but mostly Cognac. This blog is different from all other Cognac or liquor blogs: I only post the bottles i really own and try to provide the best and exact information about these special bottles. Looking at other blogs… they always tell you about new and expensive releases, but they all use the same official pictures and have mostly the same text or infos.

It is very easy to report about new releases if you only copy and paste and most important if the editor does not have to buy the luxurious bottles himself and therefore i think it is not authentic. Everybody can run a luxury blog, reporting fancy things and set yourself in a glamorous lifetstyle, you just need a computer and no money…

I try to post something at least once a month and i would be very happy if you guys do a lot of commenting on everything i post!


sophisticated collector

I love statistics –

Views on my blog in 2011 : 574
Views on my blog in 2012 : 14459 ( Total: 15033 )
Views on my blog in 2013 :

If you like to purchase a bottle just leave a comment, if i only got one it will be mentioned in the post.

For anything you like to get from Europe just contact my friends at germanshoppingservice.com

They can provide everything from rare Cognac up to state of the art Germanarmy (Bundeswehr) equipment. Just click here to get whatever you like

Legal Disclaimer

Some links posted on this site lead to 3rd party sites providing downloads. These sites may contain potentially copyrighted material. The contents of these files are NOT the responsibility of this website. If any copyrighted material is found on this site, please inform me and it will be deleted immediately upon a comment.

Brandnames are owned by the companies / copyrightowners and only used to describe their products from my personal point of view. I´m not affiliated with any company nor allowed to promote their products.

I own the rights of all pictures, using them without permission is not allowed, you will be charged a fine of 300,00 €. If you use my pictures commercially the fine for every picture will be 5000,00 €.

Thank you

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