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The winter slowly enters the valleys of the Teutoburger Forrest and so I find the time to update my blog. Before I write a review a about the Camus VSOP I have to throw a little dirt on the last family owned Cognac house…

I wrote and email asking for some information about the VSOP I got, Camus never replied, instead they do an interview with the German GQ about their newest blend. I guess none of their readers will ever buy one, never the less I like to point out that Remy Martin and Hennessy have a very good costumer relation / marketing department, Camus don’t. Maybe you guy s should hire someone checking your emails from time to time.
ANYWAY please have look on my nice Camus bottles. I made sure to have a few before I post about it. It may be a coincidence but after I made my Club de Remy post, prices somehow increased.

Cognac Grand VSOP front

The Camus Grand VSOP Cognac bottle is a real nice one. It has a great shape, I don’t want to count but its more than a an octagon shape. They also embodied their logo into the glas on the backside of the bottle. Compared to the current and last edition it’s a real eyecatcher and has a great design. The Cognac is pretty bright and has an intense but smooth taste. I like it and even after one bottle you can still get up the next morning without being worried to have a hangover. I don’t do reviews on taste because I personally find it a little akward to write about about honey roses and nuts, when it comes to describe a certain blend/taste.

Cognac Grand VSOP top

The people who do that and more important the people who believe it have their own sort of universe. I also have to admid that the Camus Grand VSOP to me tastes better than the Remy VSOP Cognac for example.

Enough with that and on to the interesting part: In the timeline of the current bottle, the Camus VSOP Cognac i got is its grandfather. I guess it was released in the eighties, but as nice as Camus is I cannot tell because they ignored my email, thank you. The box is red with golden applications. Compared to the other Cognacs i got it is not very rare, but since it looks nice and has a good taste, i would recommend that you get some for your collection too. This type is sold out by the way and they mostly arrive with a little bit of dust on their necks.

Cognac Grand VSOP bottom

Cognac Grand VSOP emblem

As always enjoy the pictures and if you are lucky enough enjoy a Camus VSOP Cognac yourself if you got it. Please make sure to hit the facebook like button to keep me motivated, if you are interested in buying some just leave a comment. Thank you for your visit and see you soon

Cognac Grand VSOP back