Hennessy Le Peu Single Distillery Cognac – 700ml more to my Collection

Hello, today i like to introduce you to another Hennessy collectible. The Hennessy Single Distillery Le Peu Cognac. This edition was introduced in the year 1999 next to two other Editions called Camp Romain and Izambard. Le Peu is the name of one of Hennessy´s distilleries. As I said it was introduced and sold from 1999 but is discontinued. The range of the retail price was between 55 and 70 Euro, depending in which European country you bought it. Although discontinued it has not reached a significant worth increase so far, but this will change after I published this post. Since I check all the prices on the net, there is always an increase compared to the day I publish a post and afterwards, although I only got about 15.000 visitors per year.

Anyway, lets get to the interesting part. The Hennessy Le Peu is the only Cognac which comes in a tube. The Izambard and the Camp Romain have only boxes. Compared to the current releases this bottle comes in very simple design, since it´s quite good ( I guess ) there was no need for an extraordinary design.

Hennessy Le Peu Cognac thesophisticatedcoll

Hennessy Le Peu Cognac thesophisticatedcoll

The Le peu is available in two sizes 700ml and a mini version of 50 or 30ml ( since I don’t got the mini I don’t know which size it got ) . An interesting fact is that the mini cost the same or even more than the 700ml edition, which is from my point of view more than irrational. The bottles were sold as a 3 bottle set in a wodden display or single with or without boxes.
However it’s a bottle which every Hennessy Collector must have and the connoisseur of fine Cognac should have one too, since they rate the regular Hennessy Cognacs quite low.

The colour of the spirit is pretty bright, maybe they didn’t use that much caramel as usual, but I cannot and won´t tell, just like I said before I don’t really taste the fruits and all that stuff those fine sommeliers like to tell you.

Please enjoy the pictures ( sorry for the poor quality – will repicture soon ) of this simple but not regular Hennessy and make sure to get one if you like too, I got two bottles and if you want one feel free to use the comment button. As always if you have further info please leave a comment.
As a little extra I embedded a video showing the current master of the Le Peu distillery teaching some basic knowledge in an interview. Enjoy the video and the Hennessy Le Peu Cognac and make sure to hit like on facebook to get the latest post of my collection. Thank you

The video:


Camus Grand VSOP Cognac old bottling 80´s – collect / buy / sell – the sophisticated cognac collection

The winter slowly enters the valleys of the Teutoburger Forrest and so I find the time to update my blog. Before I write a review a about the Camus VSOP I have to throw a little dirt on the last family owned Cognac house…

I wrote and email asking for some information about the VSOP I got, Camus never replied, instead they do an interview with the German GQ about their newest blend. I guess none of their readers will ever buy one, never the less I like to point out that Remy Martin and Hennessy have a very good costumer relation / marketing department, Camus don’t. Maybe you guy s should hire someone checking your emails from time to time.
ANYWAY please have look on my nice Camus bottles. I made sure to have a few before I post about it. It may be a coincidence but after I made my Club de Remy post, prices somehow increased.

Cognac Grand VSOP thesophisticatedcollector.com front

The Camus Grand VSOP Cognac bottle is a real nice one. It has a great shape, I don’t want to count but its more than a an octagon shape. They also embodied their logo into the glas on the backside of the bottle. Compared to the current and last edition it’s a real eyecatcher and has a great design. The Cognac is pretty bright and has an intense but smooth taste. I like it and even after one bottle you can still get up the next morning without being worried to have a hangover. I don’t do reviews on taste because I personally find it a little akward to write about about honey roses and nuts, when it comes to describe a certain blend/taste.

Cognac Grand VSOP thesophisticatedcollector.com top

The people who do that and more important the people who believe it have their own sort of universe. I also have to admid that the Camus Grand VSOP to me tastes better than the Remy VSOP Cognac for example.

Enough with that and on to the interesting part: In the timeline of the current bottle, the Camus VSOP Cognac i got is its grandfather. I guess it was released in the eighties, but as nice as Camus is I cannot tell because they ignored my email, thank you. The box is red with golden applications. Compared to the other Cognacs i got it is not very rare, but since it looks nice and has a good taste, i would recommend that you get some for your collection too. This type is sold out by the way and they mostly arrive with a little bit of dust on their necks.

Cognac Grand VSOP thesophisticatedcollector.com bottom

Cognac Grand VSOP thesophisticatedcollector.com emblem

As always enjoy the pictures and if you are lucky enough enjoy a Camus VSOP Cognac yourself if you got it. Please make sure to hit the facebook like button to keep me motivated, if you are interested in buying some just leave a comment. Thank you for your visit and see you soon

Cognac Grand VSOP thesophisticatedcollector.com back