Hennessy XO Cognac limited edition 2014 – another exclusive

Hey, as for the ones who might have not recognized it: Hennessy changed the bottles and the designs of their whole product line!

thesophisticatedcollector.com Hennessy XO limited edition 2014 (4)

However this post is about the new limited edition 2014 Hennessy XO Cognac. Not the VIII though. 2014 was a good year for collectors. 3 different XO limited editions, but this didn’t get the attention it should have.

This is Hennessy XO not designed by Tom Dixon. But this Henny has the new bottle shape and a different label, maybe even a different blend.

It was released in the fall of 2014. Besides me everybody slept on it. It a 700ml bottle btw.

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This edition comes in the regular size cardboard box, with golden foil inlay. Kept in a classic gold/black colour combination and the line “limited edition” almost on every side.

It is not numbered and only available at wholesalers so far.

The only thing I can surely say that it is rarer than the VIII, which was the first release of the exclusive line, which was released in Germany too…

Besides the 140th I always had to get them from different countries But this post ain´t about the Dixon or Collins or whoever designed the VIII.

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The new XO bottle shape is kept in the design of the Hennessy Paradis with a thick line at the outline of the bottle.

The former xo didn’t have that line. And no purple colour…
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As from now on it still won´t be a good idea to stock the regular xo´s which will be sold out over the next 2 years…

I personally like the new xo shape, compared to the new VS shape, it is really an improvement.

So far I could fetch three of this babies btw. Still looking out for them though.
The edition is a must have for any XO collection, you should not sleep on it.

Instead of words, check out the pictures.

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Have a great new start in 2k15.

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See you next year. Sippin on that 2014 XO limited.


The (in) complete Hennessy XO Cognac limited edition series 2008 until 2012

Ladies and gentlemen i am deeply sorry for not updating my blog on a day to day basis, but i am quiet busy.

Anyway enjoy this glimpse of my collection:

Just one missing

@thebronfmann thesophisticatedcollector.wordpress.com Hennessy XO Limited Edition 2008 – 2012

From left to right:

2008 Hennessy Magnificience

2009 The lost bottle

2010 Hennessy Opus

2011 Hennessy Odyessey

2012 Hennessy V

The decanters all have a volume of 700 ml, in about two years i will ad the Berluti one. As you can see a regular bottle sneaked its way in, just because i have not yet found the 2009 edition.

A complete review of the Odessey and the V will come sooon, hopefully.

If you need anything let me know.

Hennessy extra old cognac or X.O. Cognac 140th Anniversary Edition

As i can see a lot of people are browsing the web looking for this one here:


Hennessy XO 140th Anniverasary Edition thesophisticatedcollector.wordpress.com

This is the Hennessy XO OPUS edition. It was released in 2010 cellebrating the 140th birthday of extra old Cognac blended by Maurice Hennessy, grandson of the Hennessy empire´s founder. I was lucky enough to buy this one last year. I just tried to get some more last week, but it is completly sold out in Europe, there is one online store in the usa which has some left, but you have to find this one on your own.

On the picture above you can get a glimpse of the nice box, smelling like upper deck trading cards… The design is different compared to the other xo collector editions. The next picture shows the inside of this wonderful edition:

Placed in the right spot, on a sunny day, it illuminates your appartement. At least ist does look very precious.

The bottle itself has the typical xo shape, compared to the regular is that you do not see any fruits on the decanter. Instead some gold foilded mountains or something, please check the picture. I do not know how to call that. I read on some websites that is 18 or 24 carat gold, but i do not know and honestly do not care at all. It looks nice anyway.

There ia also a label on the decanters upper chest that identifies the bottle as the 140th edition. The decanter is also numbered. The number is engraved, not the cheap sticker you might be used to from the first Magnifisence edition.

I am not sure, but i think that two versions of the 140th edition do exist, i saw a bottle with gold painted fruits 2 years ago, but at that time i was not into cognac that much, it was dead cheap and i should have bought it. Maybe you guys can help me out on that one.

The blend of this opus XO is said to be different from the regular XO´s. I do not know and i might never find out, because for the next decades i will not open this baby.

Enjoy my pictures and please notice the stats at post´s end. As always anything is up for sale on this blog, but very expensive…



Hennessy Opus thesophisticatedcollector.wordpress.com


Hennessy XO 140th Anniversary Edition

Release: 2010
Retail: 120 to 180 Euros ( Now: about 350+ Euros)
Qantity: about 2000

Hennessy XO Magnificence

The Hennessy XO Magnificence was released in 2008 and started off the XO collection line and since then 5 bottles should have been released. In fact i only found 4 so far : Opus 140th year Anniversary, Magnificence, Iridescence and Odyssey. I do not know the name of the 2010 edition, i let you know when i do.

Anyway this seems to be the ugly duckling edition because it is not mentioned on Hennessy´s official homepage. But when you open the beautiful box, smelling like upper deck trading cards, you see the sparkling swan or in this case, the decanter.

It is a 700ml decanter encrusted with golden crystals, altough not mentioned i guess they come from the famous Swarovski brand. The crystals on the 2009 edition are from Swarovski…

The bottle ( my bad „decanter“ ) really looks nice as you can see on my pictures. They are numbered aswell but without letting the owner know how many brothers the bottle got. Mine is number 9000soemthing of a unknwon number, i think 10.000. About 100 have been released in 2008 in Singapur.

The retailprice in Germany was 160 Euros, in France 175 Euros and the lucky Slowenians only had to pay about 136 Euro. I got some for sale if your interested by the way, but not for 160…

The box looks like all other limited XO boxes, painted in brown with gold print. Looks quite simple but at the same time precious. All limited edition boxes normaly look similar from the outside by the way, the „interior“ design is different though.

I keep you updated when i get additional infos.


Name: Hennessy XO Magnificene

Year: 2008

Price: about 170 Euro on releaseday

Quantity: unknown