The Hennessy VSOP Cognac duty free 2014 Limited red label 1000ml edition – European Traveller´s exclusive

Long time no see… Anyway i start the comeback with introducing the newest European exclusive Hennessy VSOP edition. Released at the end of the summer 2014 the VSOP is only available at selected duty free retailers and is almost sold out…

As typical for European editions this bottle is not numbered, somehow most us editions are, but honestly its not really neccessary…

The edition is released as a 1000ml or one liter bottle.

It calls itself Travel edition and seems to be inspired by traveling… Typically for Hennessy many different countries are mentioned on the box, but not Germany…

However the main colour of the tag is red, it has red metallic emboided import labels of vintage Hennessy labels, showing their global approach, the cid is printed in silver. Compared to the us and international edition it is pretty plain, maybe because showing off aint that popular in Europe.

The glas is not painted and you can see the caramel coloured Cognac in this chubby bottle. I have to admit that i like the bottle though, the recent VS editions are pretty boring, since they just have colourful labels but no new kind of design…

As mentioned they forgot about Germany, i think because they still dont like us, however there are a lot countries lined up on the end of the neckseal and on the box as well as the first years when they hit the shelfs on that certain soil.

The Hennessy VSOP red label edition is not that easy to get and already increased in value…

The box matches the bottle, plain but advanced design. Blood red, black and silver are the main colours, with a photoshopped picture of the bottle on one side.

I took a few pictures, for you to enjoy the new Hennessy VSOP 2014 EU red label.

Thank you for reading my blog.




Hennessy Le Peu Single Distillery Cognac – 700ml more to my Collection

Hello, today i like to introduce you to another Hennessy collectible. The Hennessy Single Distillery Le Peu Cognac. This edition was introduced in the year 1999 next to two other Editions called Camp Romain and Izambard. Le Peu is the name of one of Hennessy´s distilleries. As I said it was introduced and sold from 1999 but is discontinued. The range of the retail price was between 55 and 70 Euro, depending in which European country you bought it. Although discontinued it has not reached a significant worth increase so far, but this will change after I published this post. Since I check all the prices on the net, there is always an increase compared to the day I publish a post and afterwards, although I only got about 15.000 visitors per year.

Anyway, lets get to the interesting part. The Hennessy Le Peu is the only Cognac which comes in a tube. The Izambard and the Camp Romain have only boxes. Compared to the current releases this bottle comes in very simple design, since it´s quite good ( I guess ) there was no need for an extraordinary design.

Hennessy Le Peu Cognac thesophisticatedcoll

Hennessy Le Peu Cognac thesophisticatedcoll

The Le peu is available in two sizes 700ml and a mini version of 50 or 30ml ( since I don’t got the mini I don’t know which size it got ) . An interesting fact is that the mini cost the same or even more than the 700ml edition, which is from my point of view more than irrational. The bottles were sold as a 3 bottle set in a wodden display or single with or without boxes.
However it’s a bottle which every Hennessy Collector must have and the connoisseur of fine Cognac should have one too, since they rate the regular Hennessy Cognacs quite low.

The colour of the spirit is pretty bright, maybe they didn’t use that much caramel as usual, but I cannot and won´t tell, just like I said before I don’t really taste the fruits and all that stuff those fine sommeliers like to tell you.

Please enjoy the pictures ( sorry for the poor quality – will repicture soon ) of this simple but not regular Hennessy and make sure to get one if you like too, I got two bottles and if you want one feel free to use the comment button. As always if you have further info please leave a comment.
As a little extra I embedded a video showing the current master of the Le Peu distillery teaching some basic knowledge in an interview. Enjoy the video and the Hennessy Le Peu Cognac and make sure to hit like on facebook to get the latest post of my collection. Thank you

The video:

Hennessy VS limited „Obama“ edition – US exclusive limited release 750ml

I already wrote a quite long monologe about the Obama edition:

The 1 Liter edition

But one thing is wrong, since i thought the 750ml edition was also numbered 250.000 times, i now found out that the small one was only made 180.000 times.

Enjoy the pictures:




Release: October 2009
Retail: 39,99 USD
Quantity: 180.000 750ml and 250.000 1000ml (430.000)
Value: Join the club

Hennessy VS Cognac x Colette x Futura limited 2012 edition


Hey, its a little bit borning to write about this bottle… Anyway this is the limited Futura x Colette bottle.

Limited release, 213 have been released. For those who do not know colette:


its an online shop with quite nice pieces. Their customer service is bullshit though. They dont reply on emails or any wishes and most things are 2 times overpriced.

I had to get this bottle just to make sure that i got the series complete.

Hennessy tries, quite successful, to generate new customers. They aim at the hipster – sneakercollector -us customer with this series.


I guess every year will be a colette release if Hennessy teams up with any artist-

The Futura series has a regular edition. the colette edition and in about 2 months the regular in a one liter edition.

Pretty boring aint it?


Did you see the new Flask 2012 series by the way? I wont get them, they look like some designer spent too much time at the circus.

Enjoy the few pictures.


Release: November 2012
Quantity: 213
Retail: 80,00 Euro ( incl. shipping )
Value: 250,00+ Euro

Jimmy Hennessy Cognac – In adventures lies the truth

I love to introduce the Jimmy Hennessy Cognac to you my dear readers.

This Cognac seems to be a little bit harder to find than the average Hennessy products. Nether the less i got one and i actually like to sell it.

Anyway the Jimmy Hennessy was released in 1999 and that is where my info ends.

The Jimmy Hennessy looked like a bootleg to me first, but after browsing the web i made sure that it is something official.

Pretty unique compared to other Cognacs is that the Jimmy has 42 % and not 40 or 43% that most Cognacs have.


The bottle looks like an American Whisky bottle and not like the decanters we are used to.

In adventures lies truth is written all over the bottle. I guess the adventure was to attract some whiskylovers. i guess it didn´t work because there is almost nothing to find on the web and therefore i seemed to be flop, when it comes to sales.

Please enjoy the pictures and ad me to your favorites.


Release 1999
Quantity unknown
Retail: unknown
Value: 160,00 € (ad 15 € per anno )

The (in) complete Hennessy XO Cognac limited edition series 2008 until 2012

Ladies and gentlemen i am deeply sorry for not updating my blog on a day to day basis, but i am quiet busy.

Anyway enjoy this glimpse of my collection:

Just one missing

@thebronfmann Hennessy XO Limited Edition 2008 – 2012

From left to right:

2008 Hennessy Magnificience

2009 The lost bottle

2010 Hennessy Opus

2011 Hennessy Odyessey

2012 Hennessy V

The decanters all have a volume of 700 ml, in about two years i will ad the Berluti one. As you can see a regular bottle sneaked its way in, just because i have not yet found the 2009 edition.

A complete review of the Odessey and the V will come sooon, hopefully.

If you need anything let me know.

Hennessy VS Cognac 44th president (Obama) Edition from 2009 – US exclusive release- hennessy-vs-2009-obama-

This post might be more interessting for all non us people. In 2009 Hennessy launched a limited edition in honor of the 44th president, also known as Barrak Hussein Obama. This was a very clever marketing coup from Hennessy, targeting all the proud people.

I got this bottle from a family living and selling bronf in the usa. I did not buy it, i did a trade, without ever seeing the persons living 10.000 miles away and it worked out… hennessy-vs-2009-obama-front

The bottles look perfect, black and gold is one of the best colour matches from my point of view. it is an eye catcher and always a good starting point to discuss about american politics.

The bottle was released in 2009 and is numbered. US folks go crazy for numbers, i do not know why, but any numbered collection which has more than 10.000 units is not worth to be numbered.

Anyway the bottle is still available in 2 sizes:

750 ml

and 1000ml.

Mine is the 1000ml one.

I try to avoid the word beautiful, but it would match this bottle. It can keep up with the xo edition (but not my two new ones)

As i said these bottles are still available on and you have to get them, if you do not got them yet. Sad thing is that they are way to overpriced. Maximum for the 750ml is 60 $ and the 1000ml is 90 $ if you live in the states.

For the lucky people around the world 70 Euro for the 750ml is okay and 120 Euro for the 1000ml one. hennessy vs obama


Hennessy VS Cognac „Obama edition“

Release: 2009
Retailprice: 35 Euro
Quantity: 250.000 each size (500.000)
Value: join the club


Hennessy Fine de Cognac limited collector´s edition from 2009 with DVD mixing refined

Hennessy Fine de Cognac mixing refined DVD series 2009

I bought this edition 3 weeks ago in a retailstore in my hometown. You might recognize on the picture below, that something is missing:

THE DVD! Damn, just found out today when i took the pictures. I just bought one for 3 Euros…

Now, lets try to get serious:

The Hennessy Fine de Cognac mixing refined DVD edition was released in 2009. In some stores who do not sell that much Cognac you can still find them, no need to buy the bottles online and pay shippingcosts.

If you live outside of Germany, well, sorry but i guess your local liqeur store do not have these anymore. I discovered that the website from the great house of Hennessy varies depending from the country you visit it. On the German website you can watch the mixing refined DVD as a stream. Actually it is a DVD that shows you how to create nice Cocktails with Hennessy Fine de Cognac.

It´s my favorite Cognac from Hennessy so far, a pretty femin one. Im going to show my favorite from Remy Martin in a few days by the way.

The box looks almost exactly like the regular edition. Only the disc and red writing tells you that it is a limited edition. Although it is not really limited compared to the 2008 edition.

The Bottle is dressed in the orange label and contains 0,7. To make sure that your set is complete here is a list:

Bottle 0,7 liter (orange label)
Black paper tag without print
The DVD in a cardboard sheet (missing on the picture)

I do not like this one that much, but if you collect something you should be sure to have at least two of every kind.

Thank you for drinking.


Hennessy Fine de Cognac collectors edition mixing refined DVD series 2009


Hennessy Fine de Cognac limited edition from 2009 with DVD
Release: 2009
Retailprice: 35,00 Euro
Quantity: unknown ( to much )
Value: 40,00 Euro ( and ad 1 € for each year since 2012)

Hennessy Fine de Cognac limited edition from 2008 with stopper designed by Thomas Bastide

Hennessy Fine de Cognac limited edition from 2008 with stopper designed by Thomas Bastide

After working 20 years with the fabulous house of Hennessy Thomas Bastide designed a really beautiful stopper. I saw on Daily Cognac that there was a VSOP edition also available, but do not own the VSOP series yet. VSOP is more likely for the guys in the united states.

The 2008 edition was sold, as always in the regular retailstores and is now available online in some stores. A funny fact: On ebay the price increased within 3 weeks from 36 Euro to 50 Euro, I guess inflation already sets in.

Anyway the cardboard box is almost 2 and a half times bigger than the regular box.

In gold and black colour with a little door to have a peak at the bottle.

The bottle has the regular orange tag. If you see some bottles with the orange tag you should buy them, because Hennessy changed the blend and in some time it will become a hard to find item, regardless of any collector´s edition..

The glas stopper has been designed by Thomas Bastide.

Thomas Bastide is a baccarat glas designer, I just checked some of his designs. Really beautiful but I guess I will never spend 1000 $ for one glas. Comparing his designs to the Lagerfeld glas collection, Karl´s collection look like stuff from Ikea.

The stopper is made out of glas. Inside is a little drop in Cognac coulour. On top is the famous Hennessy logo printed in gold foil. Although the price increased I just decided to get the last ones available. Please yahoo the Thomas Bastide Baccarat glas collection.

Get this as long it´s available for a fair price. It is a nice edition and not really expensive.

Hennessy Fine de Cognac limited edition from 2008 with stopper designed by Thomas Bastide


Hennessy Fine de Cognac limited edition from 2008 with stopper designed by Thomas Bastide

Release: 2008
Retailprice: 35,00 Euro
Quantity: unknown
Value: 70,00 Euro ( and ad 5 € for each year since 2012)

Hennessy VS Flask 0,2 Liter 2011 limited Edition silicone sleeve series

This is the second 0,2 Flask edition from Hennessy. I saw the first in 2010 on the way to Milano. Its sold in airport duty free shops.

The first edition had these colours: black , red , purple and oilve-green

The second and limited edition: yellow, orange, pink and poison green

The special of this edition is the couloured sleeve, inside is a regular bottle. Its a silicon sleeve that protects the bottle of any damage. It was created for people which travel a lot, small and strong.

Now with more people starting to collect Hennessy, they will release a new edition every year.


Hennessy VS Flask o,2 L

Release: 2011

Retailprice: 14 Euros

I got two sets up for sale!

Quantity: too much