Celebrating 2 years thesophisticatedcollector.com – #1 My complete Hennessy Collection


in a few days i have my 2 year anniversary on wordpress. Although post are quite rare, i´ll work on it and do more posts.

I kick off the celebrationweek with a picture of all my Hennessy bottles. Within 2 years being sold traded or sometimes opened and enjoyed this is my collection right now in July 2013. I have more than one of some editions but i dont think i need to put them in the pic. Thanks for you support. Make sure to like my facebookpage. More „family pictures“ coming soon. Cheers!

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Hennessy VS Cognac 44th president (Obama) Edition from 2009 – US exclusive release-

thesophisticatedcollector.wordpress.com hennessy-vs-2009-obama-

This post might be more interessting for all non us people. In 2009 Hennessy launched a limited edition in honor of the 44th president, also known as Barrak Hussein Obama. This was a very clever marketing coup from Hennessy, targeting all the proud people.

I got this bottle from a family living and selling bronf in the usa. I did not buy it, i did a trade, without ever seeing the persons living 10.000 miles away and it worked out…

thesophisticatedcollector.wordpress.com hennessy-vs-2009-obama-front

The bottles look perfect, black and gold is one of the best colour matches from my point of view. it is an eye catcher and always a good starting point to discuss about american politics.

The bottle was released in 2009 and is numbered. US folks go crazy for numbers, i do not know why, but any numbered collection which has more than 10.000 units is not worth to be numbered.

Anyway the bottle is still available in 2 sizes:

750 ml

and 1000ml.

Mine is the 1000ml one.

I try to avoid the word beautiful, but it would match this bottle. It can keep up with the xo edition (but not my two new ones)

As i said these bottles are still available on ebay.com and you have to get them, if you do not got them yet. Sad thing is that they are way to overpriced. Maximum for the 750ml is 60 $ and the 1000ml is 90 $ if you live in the states.

For the lucky people around the world 70 Euro for the 750ml is okay and 120 Euro for the 1000ml one.

https://thesophisticatedcollector.wordpress.com hennessy vs obama


Hennessy VS Cognac „Obama edition“

Release: 2009
Retailprice: 35 Euro
Quantity: 250.000 each size (500.000)
Value: join the club