Remy Martin XO Excellence Gold Cognac Limited Edition 2012 EU exclusive – Buy


Good evening,

i found the time to introduce to you the new Remy Martin XO Collector edition – no press release content of course.

From now on i ad the word buy to attract more clicks…

Anyway here is my review:

Being spoiled by the fabolous Hennessy XO editions, the Remy Martin Exclusive is not that impressive.

But they have a great customer service, therefore i try to be objective.

The Remy martin XO excellence 2012 limited edition comes in a gold foiled cardboard box. Exclusive limited Edition is stated one the box, which is designed without love or passion. Red letters on gold never work, since the letters look differnet than the other words printed on the box. The picture of the bottle on the box is done quiet well though.

The bottle comes in a 700ml edition with fine XO excellence Cognac by Remy Martin.


The backside of the bottle looks like a regular XO bottle. The front is painted with gold foil – looks liked airbrushed, but pretty decent therefore i like it. The stopper is made out of shiny golden plastic. Unfortunatly nothing about the design is mentioned on the box or the bottle. Im sure Remy Martin will improve its exclusive editions, because this is not top of the chain yet, as may be expected by this company.

But – its a must have for anyone thinking about building a serious collection for whatever reasons. The value will increase – nowadays everybody going crazy for Hennessy without checking the other houses. In a few years when they realised that Cognac is more than Hennessy – they will try to get the Remy stuff aswell – try to follow my point…

XO editions in gold seem to be the trend, Otard just release a golden XO and the new Hennessy XO 2013 edition is also gold foiled.

The Remy Martin bottle is not numbered, i prefer unnumbered collector editions by the way.



Releasedate: December 2012
Retail: Ranging from 140 to 190 Euro
Quantity: unknown ( Not more than 50.000 approx. )
Value: join the club

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